57 Useful Manufacturers and Stockists Sites

Battlefront  - A NZ Company making predominantly 15mm resin vehicles and metal figures.  Their site is the best
site for modelling WW2 on the net.  Updated weekly with advice, tips and new releases.    Surprisingly quick
service to UK considering they are in NZ.

Resistant Roosters -  Large 15mm figures.  Ranges include Soviet Naval, US in greatcoats, late war German
Paratroopers and Panzergreandiers, Japanese and Finns.  Site also includes useful tutorials.

Kerr and King - Provide high quality scenic items such as a tram barricade and  ready made and scuplted bases
for WW2

DTS Models - Glasgow based stockist for Battlefront

Clifton Road Games - Exeter based stockist for Battlefront and Wings of War Miniatures

Empire Games - Kings Lynn stockist of Battlefront minis.

Stafford Games - Stafford based stockist of Battlefront minis and Wings of War Miniatures.

Skytrex Ltd - A good range of 15mm vehicles and figures for WW2. 1/144th Scale WW1 planes too.

Peter Pig - Excellent range of 15mm WW2 figures, vehicles and buildings.  One of myy personal favourite
manufacturers.  Run by one of the hobby's nice blokes Martin Goddard. Also many figures in their extensive
WW1/Spanish Civil War and Russian Civil War ranges will also suffice. Many unusual figures and vehicles in the

True North Miniatures - Manufacturer specialising in 15mm Rumanian, Hungarian, Dutch, Belgian and Polish

Two Tin Soldiers/Legions East - 15mm Finns, yes Finns!

Stronghold Miniatures - Mike is able to supply SDD vehicles and Village Green scenics.  Check out the landing

LKM Direct - Another 15mm manufacturer whose latest castings are really top class stuff.

East Riding Miniatures - Tony Barr does some pukka WW2 Indians, Japanese Paras and Dutch East Indies
troops, plus pre cut bases for all you lazy sods out there.

Essex Miniatures - Some 15mm WW2 stuff.  Stockists of many accessories for the gamer.

Battle Honours (UK) - Battle Honours, Old Glory, Quality Castings and now Battlefront ranges.

Irregular Miniatures - Various useful odds and sods in their scenics range.

Minifigs - One of the first manufacturers of Wargames figures and my local store.  Useful for things such as

Skirmish Campaigns - Excellent set of WW2 scenario booklets.  Easily convertable to IABSM.

Fieldworks - My personal favourite manufacturer of 15mm ruined buildings.  A must.

JR Miniatures - Nice range of buildings, particularly for Stalingrad.   Ignore the cast on tanks - NASTY

Static Games - UK Agent for JR buildings.

Stonewall Figures - Stonewall Scenics, Scenic Effects and the superb Architectural Heritage Scenery and

Gladiator Games - Battlezone.  Very reasonably priced buildings

Hovels - Another good source of buildings.

Timecast - Gorgeous buildings!

Steve Barber Models - Quality buildings

Opus Miniatures - Some rather nice 15mm Mediterranean buildings.

Tiger Terrain - More buildings.  I like buildings!  Really nice walled enclosures too. Expensive though.

Mainly Military/MBG - Another budget building and scenery maker.  Some useful items though.

S and A Scenics - Ready made terrain for the lazy gamer; I should know!

Little Green Man Models - Interesting range of walls etc.

EC Scenics - Woodland Scenics available online.  Superb range of trees, bushes, foliage

Finney and Smith - A railway modellers site that can supply useful civilian vehicles for 15mm scale.

Old Glory (UK) - Another 15mm WW2 range

Frontline Wargaming - A nice range of 15mm fortifications and pillboxes.  They also do a great waterworks range
including a canal and lock gates!

Eureka Miniatures - Very nice 15mm Australians, Italians and even Chinese!

Defence In Depth - Mostly 20mm Stuff but some nice fortifications for 15mm WW2

Fighting 15's - UK agent for Eureka Miniatures

I-94 Enterprises - Decal for 15mm scale vehicles and aircraft!

Totally Cheap Miniatures - Vallejo and other useful manufacturers stockist

Wargames Emporium - Stockist of Battlefront and Peter Pig

The Railway and Modellers Junction - Another Battlefront and Old Glory Command Decision Stockist

Caliver Books - Sell Vallejo, Battlefront, GW, Peter Pig in addition to an excellent new and used book section

The Miniature Building Authority - Lovely range of pre-painted buildings for the gamer

Miniature World Maker - Nice range of scenic items, many WW2 specific

Model Tree Shop - Precisely!

TM Terrain - Some really nice stuff here

Totally Cheap Miniatures - Vallejo stockists amongst many others

4D Modelshop - Materials for modelling

Dom's Decals - Dom Skelton can provide all manner of decals for aircraft and tanks.  If he doesn't have what you
want, then just ask him...you'll find he's a very obliging chap.

Crescent Root Studio - US terrain manufacturer who has some interesting stuff.  No UK distributor though.

Horsing Around - UK distributor of Testors Dullcoat the best matt spray varnish on the planet IMHO.

International Models - Useful scenic items to tart up your table including wonderful grass clumps

S and S Models - Produce some interesting 15mm walls to help construct very large buildings for your tabeltop.  
Worth checking out

Hinds Figures - Buyer and seller of second hand figures.  Some useful bargains.

Monday Knight Productions - US firm with no UK distributor producing really nice terrain bits including some
lovely buildings.

Battlefield Accessories - US firm selling just that; bunkers, entrenchments, barbed wire, minefields but also a
smashing 1/100 scale Horsa glider.

25 Wargaming Sites

Vis Lardica - Rob Avery's new site dedicated to IABSM and all things Lard!

Too Fat Lardies - A fantastic duo, like Batman and Robin, cheese and Port or fish and chips.    Writers of IABSM
along with many other excellent rules.

IABSM Card House - Useful site containing cards for IABSM

The Miniatures Page - Possibly the best wargaming site on the web.  Regularly updated, contains a WW2  
discussion board which is useful.

The Wargames Forum - Useful site with free bring and buy area.

Wargames Journal - A good web magazine for wargamers

Total Model - Excellent show case site with reviews of wargaming products.

Perry's Heroes - Olivier is a smart chap!  Great IABSM Kursk

The Wheelchair General's Wargames Site - Franco Antonelli's nice site for 10mm Marlburian and ACW stuff.

Hodgenet.co.uk - Derek Hodge's useful site inlcudes tips on photography plus WW2 and RCW figures

Displaced Miniatures.com - Useful free site for posting pictures of your minis

Vis Bellica - Rob Avery's excellent rules for Ancient gaming.  Also links to Vis Magica and Vis Imperica.  

Chris Kemp's Wargaming Site - Varied and interesting stuff here.

For Victory! - Barry Burman's Wargaming site with IABSM action from the tabletop

Miniature Wargaming - A useful site for info and tips

Battlefront WW2 - An interesting page.  Not IABSM but has lots of articles which are very interesting and useful

Deep Fried Happy Mice - Described as an 'online miniatures restaurant'.  A great site for reviews, how to's and
beginner info.

Chris's IABSM and Wargames site - Battle reports and orbats.  Chris has written the soon published 'East Afrcia
Supplement' for IABSM.   

The Complete Future - Superb site providing info on how to use 'Magic Wash' or 'The Dip' system for painting
minis.  I use this system myself, so I know it works really well.

Dr Faust's Painting Clinic - How to paint minis.

Kriegsspiel News - Home of the original wargame rules.

60 WW2 Reference Sites - 'I Ain't Been Shot Mum'

Panzer Colours - Nice site with plates of well, Panzers and their colour schemes.  

WW2 Artillery Tactics

WW2 Links on the Web - Does what it says on the tin!  Great site for looking up info.

WW2 Multimedia Database

WW2 on the Web - Another site of links

Bayonet Strength - Small unit organisation in WW2.  Excellent site for IABSM

Wehrmacht Camo Schemes for AFVs

France and the Low Countries 1940

The Russian Battlefield - Excellent site with lots of detailed info on Soviet forces

Operation Barbarossa - Good site for more Soviet info.

RKKA in WW2 - Soviet Army in WW2.

The Defence of Stalingrad

Stalingrad - German site, lots of great photos

The Defence of Greece 1940-41

Achtung Panzer -  Excellent reference site for German equiptment

Axis History Factbook - Useful site featuring minor Axis nations

German Uniforms of WW2 - Masses of detail

Advanced Squad Leader - Great reference site for WW2 vehicles

Encyclopaedia of Guns of WW2

Panzer Page - Another good site for info on German vehicles.

Panzerfaust - Info on German AT weapons during WW2

Feldgrau - Another WW2 German Army website.

France and the Low Countries 1940 - Great site for France 1940 Campaign and others.

Missing Lynx - Great site for modelling WW2 vehicles.

Camouflage - Camouflage of WW2 German vehicles.

Miniature AFV Association - Good for details of WW2 British AFV Camo.

Military Miniatures - On-line mag for modellers.  Excellent for techniques

WW2 Model Makers Reference Site

Tanks of WW2 - Another great site for WW2 AFVs.

Tanks! - Says it all.  Great reference site.

Battletanks - Great site for surviving WW2 AFVs

World War Two - Featuring WW2 Scenarios

Dutch East Indies 1941-42 - The forgotten campaign

Battle of Kursk 1943

Polish Armoured Trains - Good info armoured trains in general.

Russian Armoured Trains

WW2 Tanks

Guns Vs Armour - details on guns and AFVs 1939-45

Ball of Fire - Anthony Brett-James History of the 5th Indian Division

WW2 In Colour - Photos of all the major players, both parade and combat.

History of the 7th Armoured Division, 'The Desert Rats'

Spearhead France 1944 - Good site for orbats and TOE's.

Tommy - The British soldier in Combat Mission.  Useful for British vehicle markings.

Valour and the Horror; Normandy 1944

Uniforms of the German Military 1939-45

Deutches Afrikakorps Online

US Airborne WW2

Jaeger Platoon - Finnish Army 1918 -1945

SHQ Miniatures WW2 Painting Guides - Invaluable info for painting miniatures

Folgore - Details of TO&E of the Italian Folgore Parachute Division

Folgore at Alamein - Spearhead orbat for the Folgore Division at Alamein.  Useful for IABSM

9th Btn Royal Tank Regiment - Regimental site with nice info

Zeltbahn.net - Useful site detailing the different Wehrmacht, Waffen SS and Italian camouflage schemes

Nazi Posters 1933 to 1945 - Great resource for tose posters for your ruined buildings

Roadside Advertisements - Another excellent source for posters and billboard signs.

History of the Homeguard - Learn about Northover Projectors, Scott Guns and Blacker Bombards amongst other
useful stuff.

Romanian Army in WW2 - Organisation, weapons, campaigns etc

Red Army Studies - Soviet Operational Arti in WW2.  A mass of information is available online here.

Combat Lessons - Excerpts from the U.S. Department of War WWII "Combat Lessons"  Series.

Strategy Articles - Seires of articles featuring US and German tactical doctrines and operations.

Tanks On The Prowl - Interesting articles on armoured warfare during WW2.

16 Spanish Civil War Reference Sites - 'Up Your Cara al Sol'

Warren and Pell Publishing - Two stirling chaps specialising in publishing memoirs and rare books on the
Spanish Civil War.  Military conservation in action.

Spanish Civil War - Great site for bio's and other background info.

Spanish Civil War - Bob Cordery's excellent site.

La Guerra Civilia Espanola - A great site for the SCW.  Contents pack listing of Peter Pigs excellent SCW range,
full painting guide.   Intended for Crossfire ruleset.  Ideal for UYCAS.

La Cucaracha - Very useful site.

La Legion - Spanish site concerning the Spanish Foreign Legion.

The Spanish Revolution and Civil War 1936-39 - Anarchist site.  Good info and list of websites concerning SCW.

Mexicanski '36 - Martin Rapier's SCW  variant of RFCM's 'AK47 Republic'.

Cuadro Golpeando - Martin Rapier's SCW variant of RFCM's 'Square Bashing'

San Miguel Valley Campaign - Fictional SCW e-mail campaign for 'Command Decision'.

Advanced Squad Leader SCW

Memoriana Republicana - Spanish site but great for b/w photos of the Spanish Civil War

International Brigade Memorial Trust - Useful site

The Spanish Civil War Remembered - Guardian Unlimited Eyewitness accounts of fighting in the SCW

Guerracivilia.info - Spanish site with nice piccies of the often strange, armoured fighting vehicles of the SCW.

Spanish AFVs of the SCW - Another Spanish site with more nice piccies of AFVs.

25 Napoleonic Wars Sites - 'Le Feu Sacre'

Le Feu Sacre - The best set of Napoleonic rules on the market. Written by Dr Daz 'The Rug Doctor' Green,
published by
Too Fat Lardies

Napoleon, His Armies, His Enemies - Superb resource site with over 1,800 illustrations, maps etc with extensive
details of Campaigns, battles, army organisation and much, much more...

Napoleonic Guide - Most of what you need to know you need to know about the armies, infantry, cavalry and
artillery that fought in the Napoleonic Wars between 1792 and 1815

Histoire et Figurines, Premier Empire Napoleon - French site with an English translation packed with useful info,
colour plates and articles on most of the major and minor combatants.

Les uniformes de la Grande Armée, Campagne de Russie, 1812 - Another French site that is well worth a look.  
Plenty of colour plates.

Napoleon Series - Masses of information on all things Napoleonic.

Deep Fried Happy Mice - Mark Severin's Wargames 'Restuarant' serving up comparisons on 15mm Napoleonic
figures on its menu.  Well worth a look.

The Waterloo Campaign In Miniature - A site which is designed for General De Brigade rules but has most useful
info for LFS too.  Mainly deals with Quatre Bras 1815.  Staggering amount of info.

EM4 - A place to buy those mini dice for LFS

Valeur et Discipline - Roly Herman's site dedicated to his 28mm French and Confederation of the Rhine figures.  
Inspiring pictures of his excellent minis

Flags of the Napoleonic Wars - You want flags.  Check this site out.

The Nafziger Collection - Orders of battle and books from one of the the best authors on the Napoleonic Wars

German Uniforms 1813-1815 - Interesting site featuring Knotel and Lezius prints of Napoleonic Uniforms of
Germanic nations.

The Austrian Auxiliary Corps in Russia in 1812 - Excellent site with details of the 1812 Campaign and the battle of
Gorodetchna Austrians and Saxons Vs Russians, complete with OOB and map.

Saxon Army 1810-13 (Napoleon Series) - Howard Giles's online articles on the uniforms of the Saxons.

French Hussars (Napoleon Series) - Tim Reese has produced some diagramatic illustrations of French Hussar
uniforms.  Very useful for painting of these flamboyant chaps.

French Hussar Uniforms 1804-1815 - George Grasse's online reference guide to French Hussar painting.

Group North Historical Wargames Society - A useful page on Napoleonic artillery piece colours and uniform

Grande Armee - Sam Mustafa's scenarios page for GA.  Very useful for producing LFS scenarios too.

Wargaming with Napoleonic Miniatures - Rafael Pardo's site for "Napoleon's Battles" rules.  Again useful ideas
for LFS scenarios particularly the maps for each historical battle.

Napnuts Guide to Napoleonic Prussians - Online guide to Blucher's chaps.

Napoleonic Wargaming Society - Useful resources links page.

Baccus Painting Guide to Napoleonics - Pete Berry's site with diagramatic illustrations of Napoleonic uniforms.  
Designed for 6mm it is very useful.

The Evolution of Napoleonic Uniforms - An illustrated History - John P Stallaert's site for uniform details.

Osterreich Landwehr 1809 - Contemporary prints of Austrian Landwehr.

Flags For The Lads - Make some really useful flags for the Napoleonic period, and Peninsular War in particular
with British Divisional flagsheets for 1810.

American Grade Horse Registry - A very useful site for painting those horses the right colour.

The Toy Soldier Online Gallery - Useful tutorial for painting Highlanders tartan.
Les uniforms de

19 World War One Aerial - 'Algernon Pulls It Off'

Biggles.Info - Anyone interested in WW1 aerial HAS to read some of Capt W.E. Johns books starring his hero
Bigglesworth (aka Biggles).   Whilst fictional, they are great for flavour of the period as many of the stories were
based on true events.  The main 'Biggles' books concerning WW1 in Western Europe are 'Biggles Learns to Fly',
'Biggles in France', 'The Camels are Coming!', 'Biggles of the Camel Squadron' and 'The Rescue Flight'.  
Thoroughly recommended.

Fantasy Flight Games - Wings of War - Really nice 1/144th scale pre-painted WW1 aircraft.  Ideal for lazy sods like
me.  However these have no pilots.  John at
Reviresco however, will provide some.  He Also does a large range of
1/144th scale aircaft.

Essential Boardgames - UK stockist of Wings of War miniatures.

The Board Game Company - Another UK stockist of Wings of War miniatures.

Battle Quest Games - Yet another stockist of Wing of War miniatures.

Shire Games - And another Wings of War Miniatures stockist.

Land of Games - And yet another Wings of War Miniatures stockist.

Hotz Mats - Eric Hotz's fantastic hex mats come in a variety of syles and sizes.  A must for 'Algernon Pulls It Up'
or 'Bag The Hun'.

The Wargames Command Post - Started carrying Monday Knight Productions hex mats ideal for Algy.

The Aerodrome - Possibly the best site on the net for WW1 aerial info on aces and aircraft.

Century of Flight - Aviation During WW1 - Useful site with details of aerial conflict during WW1.

An Illustrated History of WW1 Aviaiton.com - Lots and lots of detail on men and machines.

Legendary Aviators and Aircraft of World War One - Ace pilots of WW1.

The Great War Flying Museum - Canadian Museum site with loads of great photos of flying WW1 aircraft and
other info on aircraft.

Rosebud's WW1 and Early Aviation Image Archive - Interesting site with masses of contemporary photos of men
and machines.  For the non-squemish look at the death photos for the harsh reality of aerial combat.

First World War: Air War (Spartacus Educational) - More info on pilots and planes.

Wings Palette - Great site for WW1 plane colour plates.

Selective Installation Materials - Provide perspex rods ideal for those of you who don't like Wings of War altitude

'Battle of Britain' WW2 Aerial - 'Bag The Hun'
The inention here is to try to collect as many useful sites as possible
for wargaming.  If you should wish me to link to another relevant site
let me know.